Monthly Product Updates: March 2019

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Scan Result Update - Blacklist Reason

When you previously scanned a product that was blacklisted through the ScanTrust Enterprise App (STE), you would not be able to see why it was blacklisted.

We have released a new feature as an enterprise update which shows feedback on the reason for blacklisting upon scanning within the STE App. Making this additional forensic information easily available to your field employees, distributors, and partners provides real-time intelligence on the state of your supply chain, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency by enabling proactive decisions on-the-go.

Possible reasons for blacklisting include: Counterfeits Detected, Low Quality, Overprint, Stolen, Damage, Lost, Misprint, Not Sold, and WO Canceled.


Apply to Remaining

Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Range Scanning for SCM Tags  

We introduced range scanning for OTS labels in January, and we've also upgraded this feature to include associating Supply Chain Management (SCM) tags on codes for scale. 

You can now associate all the codes in a reel with the relevant supply chain tags in two simple scans. First, scan the logistical unit, then scan the first code in the reel, and you will see a pop up displaying the message: "Apply to Remaining". Simply click the button to associate all the rest of the codes in the reel with the data. From thousands of scans to two simple scans, this update will help save your warehouse operations staff time as they apply OTS labels on your products.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more about how to configure this update in your ScanTrust Enterprise App.


Scan to input


Scan to Fill in SCM Fields

Previously, when filling in Supply Chain Management fields, you had to manually type in a product's lot number, but now you can simply tap the scan symbol (shown in the screenshot above) and scan a lot number's associated barcode or QR code. The lot number data will then be automatically uploaded into the SCM field.

This quick and easy logistical unit input method can help cut down your warehouse operations staff's workload, and also protect against human error. 

Activate this feature by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

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