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Scantrust Case Study: Engaging Last Mile Resellers

Our client is a Fortune Global 500 oil and gas company that develops and sells fuels, lubricants, and chemicals in almost every country. The nature of their business requires tireless and consistent investment in research and technology development in order to supply the world with high quality energy products while at the same time managing an obligation to mitigating climate change.


The client identified that they needed a solution tracking the full lifecycle of their lubricants, from factory to point of sale. They also wanted to engage with last mile resellers as a way to get involved with the sales effort.


This case study sets the context for the client’s problem and explains why working with a global solution provider yielded unique advantages. Customized, real-time inventory reports, a direct communication channel with resellers, and the chance to create a new revenue opportunity from a challenge were among the benefits gained.


Topics: Consumer Engagement, Customer Case Studies

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