Liforme is a London-based lifestyle company that produces environmentally conscious and high-end yoga mats. Their team discovered poor-quality counterfeit mats infringing on their trademark in the People’s Republic of China. They quickly prepared a mitigation plan in response, including applying Scantrust secure QR codes to their product packaging for a robust and easy to use anti-counterfeiting feature.

Scantrust worked with Liforme to roll out serialized secure QR codes for their premium yoga mats to enable product authentication with a mobile phone scan and activated a track and trace function so that Liforme and their customers could follow the journey of their yoga mats once the products left Liforme warehouses.

We can tell you more about how Scantrust secure QR codes with serialization helped Liforme figure out what was happening with their products and distribution in China, but it’s best if we do it in a meeting. Go on and fill out our request a demo form and please be sure to fill in notes about what connected packaging solution you want to hear about most.