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3DAG partnership announcement

3DAG launches SmartPack holographic tamper-proof security labels integrating Scantrust serialized QR codes.


3DAG and Scantrust have cooperated to develop a new brand and product protection product: the SmartPack tamper-proof holographic label. SmartPack holographic labels suit tamper-proof use cases and are connected online using Scantrust serialized QR codes. This gives SmartPack labels the function of connecting end consumers with informational web content and a way to engage one-on-one with brands.


The new SmartPack labels come in pre-designed holographic stock layouts based on the 3DAG Etimogram and can be further customized with a brand logo or text. Secure ordering and onboarding makes setting up the digital content for the SmartPack labels easy with setup time happening in days, not weeks.

3DAG Scantrust partnership summary

“Digitalization doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to implement. Nor does it have to be expensive...You can now be up and running with unit-level product digitalization and take advantage of all the benefits in less than a week and for a fraction of what a solution of this kind usually costs.” – Martina Müller, 3DAG CEO


“Our product digitalization platform and analytics dashboard are already being used by global Fortune 500 clients in several major markets. Through our partnership with 3DAG we are now able to empower smaller companies to take advantage of those same functionalities including active brand protection with the SmartPack label.” – Nathan Anderson, Scantrust CEO


To get more information about the 3DAG SmartPack labels, you can send us a message at or contact 3DAG on LinkedIn. 

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