Protect your brand with Scantrust QR codes for anti-counterfeit packaging

Anti-counterfeiting technology that works within your existing packaging process.

Anti-counterfeit packaging and anti-counterfeit technology that works within your existing packaging process.

Use your existing printing process or our certified printing partners

Authenticate a product using just a smartphone, with or without an app

Get counterfeit alerts for your team and inspectors

Instant product authentication with a smartphone

  • Scan and authenticate any Scantrust secure QR code with a mobile phone camera
  • Authentication scanning can be set up to use a dedicated mobile app or no app at all for wider compatibility through a mobile webpage
  • Compatible with most modern smartphones
  • Embed authentication function into apps, on your website, or via API or redirect.
  • Supports inspector-level authentication with login
Example of anti-counterfeit packaging authentication with a mobile phone scanning a product bearing a secure QR code.
Diagram explaining how Scantrust secure QR codes are made

Secure QR codes use simple but robust technology for anti-counterfeit packaging and documents

  • Secure QR codes are standard QR codes upgraded with a secure graphic that creates a new kind of anti-counterfeit packaging and document feature
  • Secure QR codes can be serialized (unique) or non-serialized QR codes (SKU/ product grouping level)
  • Works with most industrial printers using standard inks and substrates
  • Based on decades of technological research and discovery

Use Scantrust unique (serialized) QR codes as an additional layer of protection

  • Serialized QR codes afford you an additional layer of protection by using unique serial numbers for every code
  • Counterfeit detection algorithms use serialized QR code scan location, scan count, and the physical distance between scans
  • Serialization makes better, easier management of product blacklisting possible (manual, automated)
  • Reports and alerts use unique QR code serial numbers for more detailed, granular data
  • Also works with RFID, NFC
Scantrust counterfeit alert system offers monitoring with a map based and real-time data system

1. Secure QR codes printed directly on packaging or on labels

We can recommend a printing partner or you can print directly using your equipment and substrates

2. Codes are activated before use on packaging

Only securely activated codes can be authenticated by end-users. This is an important, additional layer of security

3. Codes are authenticated using a mobile phone

Product authentication using secure QR codes can be performed by professional users, inspectors, or end user consumers

4. Monitor for counterfeits with alerts and reporting

Act on counterfeit data based on in-market or inspector scans with prompt alerts and historical data

Protects water filters while engaging professional installers using Scantrust QR codes.

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Prevents counterfeiting of motor oil with Scantrust QR codes.

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Protects lubricant products from counterfeiting with Scantrust secured QR codes.

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