The all-new Scantrust Printer app is ready and now available for download. Printers working with Scantrust clients can download the apps* for free on Google Play for Android and the Tencent app store (for the P.R.C. market).

This new app was purpose-built for an improved experience, developed especially for Scantrust Printing Partners. The Scantrust Enterprise app previously did double-duty work and included printing setup and management functions. This new app will now handle all of these functions instead, including three features:

  • The app will display a work orders list from which you can start quality assurance tasks.
  • Printing equipment and substrate calibration can be done from within the app.
  • Code authentication for individual codes quality assurance is possible with the app.

Why are we separating printing functions from our enterprise App?

The Scantrust Printer App development project began about a year ago. The motivation was to separate quality assurance functions from the rest of the Scantrust Enterprise App’s functionalities. We saw an opportunity to rebuild the whole code base for the app and make changes that would improve the experience and add better production insights for printing companies working with Scantrust clients.

It’s imperative to know that from 15 June 2021, the Scantrust Enterprise app no longer provides access to printing operation features. Considering that change, we want all Scantrust Printing partners to migrate to the new app as soon as possible and before the deadline.

How does the new app work?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in using your existing printing partner credentials. If you don’t have your credentials, reach out to us at Once you’re logged into the app, begin by selecting the relevant module from the menu.

If you were only using the Scantrust Enterprise app for printing functions, you could delete the Scantrust Enterprise app once you’ve installed the new Scantrust Printer app.

If you have questions about this, send us details and an email at

*An iOS version of the Scantrust Printer App is not available at this time.