Lockcon AG is a Swiss company offering high security, tamper-evident containers and equipment for sample control test kits. Their kits are used by testing authorities in professional athletic and animal sporting events internationally. Lockcon planned to add another security layer in the form of an authentication feature to their already very secure tamper-evident containers. An important consideration was that authentication would need to be simple and intuitive for accredited analysis laboratories to easily authenticate Lockcon sample test kits.

The Scantrust Solution

Scantrust secured QR codes were added to Lockcon tamper-evident sample test kits using HP Indigo digital printing systems. HP Indigo is a preferred Scantrust partner and a proven printing technology provider for implementing Scantrust copy-detection features to physical products. The use of HP Indigo digital precision printing for this project took advantage of the HP network of trusted security printers and was key to a solution that enabled accurate, variable data printing of Scantrust secured QR code sets. HP Indigo digital presses use a sophisticated, cloud-based integration that satisfies the rigorous printing system requirements that make the critical Scantrust anti-copy feature possible.


Lockcon sample test kits secured by Scantrust have been accepted by the anti-doping testing community and bring a previously impossible level of trust and transparency to the world of testing for competitive events. Sample test kits are authenticated with a scan using off-the-shelf smartphones making project setup and the authentication action itself intuitive and cost effective.

We were quite convinced we could make something better. We also love to work with the community and were very keen to develop something that gives value back to the market as well as for the athletes, doping control authorities, and laboratories

Monika Egli,
Lockcon AG CEO
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