The journey your goods take from raw materials to finished product is one filled with potential potholes and pitfalls, but that same complexity also allows for lower production costs and higher quality. Supply chains have always been a somewhat complicated affair, and this is only becoming more so the case as the world becomes increasingly globalized.

Even with the massive surge towards globalization and the added layers of complexity that come along with these changes, supply chain issues tend to revolve around the core tenants of logistics. Those tenants are getting the right goods to the right place at the right time as cheaply and quickly as possible. Doing all this is can be awfully complex, but a full-service, secured QR code system can go a long way in helping you tackle some of the biggest issues your supply chain faces.

Supply Chain Pain Points

Every supply chain, regardless of industry, has common pain points that plague the entire system such as volatility of demand, talent shortage, and rising commodity prices. Unfortunately, these issues don’t have simple answers and will likely always require constant vigilance due to the inherent nature of supply chains.

There are other often more problematic pain points supply chains face such as little-to-no transparency, low-quality data, and the ever-present danger of counterfeits.

Thankfully, these problems need not be treated as facts of life as there is a viable and cost-effective solution for them.

The Solution: Secured QR Codes

Secured QR codes allow for instantaneous access and updates to pertinent data regarding every step along the supply chain while also functioning as a meaningful point of engagement for customers. With this QR code system implemented, you can track your product’s progress along its journey from start to finish with real-time analytics and updates, whenever a label is scanned.

Additionally, this secure technology ensures counterfeits are found and flagged immediately, whether they are scanned in Barcelona by a dock worker or in Chicago by a consumer.

Combining secured QR codes with a full-suite supply chain analytics system utilizes the power of transparency to build bonds of trust between brands and their consumers while also empowering communication and efficiency throughout each link in your supply chain.

How Secured QR Technology Works

The technology used to generate these QR codes creates an image that degrades whenever the image is copied and reprinted. This system provides secure, unique identifiers for your products that cannot be faked or duplicated. This provides you and your customers with confidence in the authenticity of your product.

A QR Scanning App utilizes an advanced algorithm that detects minute differences between the QR code being scanned and the original image itself. When differences are detected, the system flags the item and notes its geolocation. This all occurs in real-time: giving you instant access to view what product is potentially being counterfeited and where it was first found.

Additionally, the data from each scan is collected and stored in order to provide you with detailed intelligence regarding how your products are moving and who is using them.

This technology provides you with invaluable data across your supply chain while providing a means of easily detecting counterfeits and giving your customers a point of engagement with your physical products.